Introducing CAMUR TOOL

CAMUR TOOL (Pronounced K-MER) is a USA Made stainless steel utility tool designed by a firefighter for first responders. Firefighters, Police, and Emergency Service providers will find a variety of uses for this tool. From slipping door locks, manipulating mortise locks/hook bolts, opening oxygen bottles, to removing plastic trim panels during car extrications, the CAMUR TOOL is a lightweight and useful addition to your personal tools. Weighing 2.25oz and measuring 7 inches long, this hardened stainless steel tool fits in your gear with little bulk and weight.


  • Been to a medical well-being check?
  • Accidental Lock-out?
  • Had difficulty with Knox-box keys being current and up to date?
  • Had difficulty accessing utility closets, elevator maintenance rooms, sprinkler rooms, alarm panel rooms, basements and attics?
  • Needed an oxygen wrench?
  • Needed to inspect a vehicle for airbags and gas cylinders during extrication?
  • Want to support local American businesses?

CAMUR TOOL‘s primary feature is its Patented lock slipping blade. The shape and thickness of the blade allow it to be inserted in most doors between the door and door jam to positively capture the door latch mechanism. By rotating the handle perpendicular to the door, the tool’s cam shaped head causes the tip of the tool to rotate off the back of the door jam. The force that is applied from this fulcrum allows the tooth to sweep behind the latch and actuate the beveled portion of the latch mechanism. With a bit of skill and finesse you can slip a majority of “key in lock” type door knobs.

In addition to being a lock pick, CAMUR TOOL has other features that benefit the first responder.

Other features include:

  • Full Tang hardened 410 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Trim removal blade for automobile extrication airbag plastics
  • Oxygen valve wrench
  • Durable USA made 550 Paracord handle (Approx. 6 feet) for utility function
  • Beverage opener